It’s been a while

This is from a project at school where we had to create three posters to illustrate a quote. We had to choose from a few options, and obviously they were all fashion themed (because hey! it’s a fashion school or something). I picked a quote by Christian Lacroix:

“Beauty is not a very well-balanced thing; it has to be disturbing and uncomfortable.”

It encapsulates much of what I find so attractive and dynamic in the creative arts – the ability of a work of art (or fashion) to have a visceral impact on the viewer and leave a tangible impression on them. So in short, this quote hit close to heart and it was a clear choice for my project. I may post my other two posters later, although I may not (because I don’t like them as much as this one).

That’s a mouth in the background by the way.

In other news, this past Monday I ordered a bunch of art books on Amazon, because I am a compulsive book shopper. The above sketches were made from reference poses in the ‘Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women and Girls’ book by Buddy Scalera. I got his Boys and Men book too, and a VirtualPose children reference book, so expect to see a bunch of sketches made from those sources.

This year is meant to be one of those when my skill improves and I actually get somewhere in terms of being pro at this art thing. We’ll see how it goes!



It’s been a while

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