i signed up for career satisfaction, not an early life crisis



I’m running around, trying to get things done. Yesterday was a small opening night for a Ryerson fashion student exhibition that I helped out with. I made the poster above and had a chance to assist with the curation of the whole affair. The setup team was great, especially since it consisted of the amazing folks that are a) in my curation class and b) that I am working on a research project with.

The event was held just over at the Textile Museum of Canada, which is kind of stellar since I am a volunteer librarian there. The loveliest part was getting to meet the wonderful lady that I volunteered with on Wednesday evenings before I had to move to a Monday day shift due to class conflict. She is a retired teacher and I absolutely love talking to her. I haven’t realized how much I missed our conversations until last night and I think I may switch back to volunteering every other Wednesday night this summer after the semester ends.

In other news, I am completely overwhelmed, floundering in a sea of confusion, while at the same time juggling responsibilities both new and old and trying to make it to the end of the semester without failing too much at life. Who am I to get paid to do work that I love (a silly little disaster girl who just finished two bags of Doritos in as many days).


i signed up for career satisfaction, not an early life crisis

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